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miracle, a county man was found alive after being stranded in the wilderness for five-days. he set out for a hike in the national forest one week ago but he spent three nights in attend purchase he finally found a carbon and broke into it. if heed not broken into that cabin he would not have survived. >>> 5,000 people were expelled due to sexual abuse. the at it do foes from 1991. bay areas include piedmont and -- include piedmont and san rafael and they accused them of filing report abusers. they are keeping records to keep them from rejoining. >>> and they showed an illegal gun clip on the area. he held up what looked like a 30 round gun magazine on "meet the press" on sunday. it happened while they had a meeting with the ceo. >>> starting today, lawmakers and president barack obama will get back to work on a 50-yard clip and they want the president to miss the deadline. >> reporter: economists warn going over the cliff will hurt our already struggling economy but both parties stand to get some of what they want if spending cuts go into effect next tuesday and here is why. democrats
in the hospital after a serious accident in orinda. it happened yesterday morning eastbound highway 24 near wilder road. it all started when an suv crashed into the center divider. that triggered a chain reaction crash involving several other vehicles. now while one of the drivers and three firefighters were standing on the right shoulder, yet another suv lost control pushing another car into them. all of them were rushed to the hospital with major injuries. >>> heavy rains caused major flooding at a mobile home park. that happened early yesterday morning at newel mobile home city which is about a mile south of six flags. a creek that surrounds the mobile home park overflowed causing the flooding. some of the homes were damaged. >>> last few storms to hit the bay area good news for ski resorts. as much as three feet of new snow fell on slopes over the weekend. many of the resorts were closed yesterday because of high winds. we do have complete storm watch coverage all the time online. the storm watch tab of you will find video, our storm tracker two. and on our photos tab you can check ou
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2